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Online gaming is in need of a hero. As opportunities and applications for consumers emerge and grow in popularity and prevalence, there is a growing need for trust across this ecosystem. Both new and experienced users are hungry for easily accessible ways to play their favorite games, yet the current gaming infrastructure does not allow users to examine the back-end processes that fuel the outcomes of the games that they play. For example, online casinos do not allow users to see how an outcome was generated. There is no mechanism that ensures that users and gaming operators are playing by the same rules. This trust issue affects both players and companies alike, with the need for users to be able to trust a company’s ability to provide a fair platform and these same companies to have a safe and secure back-end for their infrastructure in order to ensure that ample transparency and anti-cheating processes are securely in place. Neta Protocol’s purpose is to provide an easy-to-use and versatile infrastructure to power online gaming processes for both existing and emerging game operators, in turn giving users an opportunity to verify each action on the underlying platform. Our approach utilizes blockchain technology to store and call upon each game application’s rules, as well as execute and verify transactions within multiple layers across users and sub-games through smart contracts.

Awesome Features

Full Trust, Zero Hassle, 100% Scalability

Meet the fastest, most flexible and easiest to integrate blockchain solution for online gaming.

From Shuffling Cards to Spawning Monsters

Neta provides verifiable randomness and provable fairness to any gaming environment you can think of.

Real-time, Lightning-fast, and Airtight

Running fully-fledged games on the blockchain is not science fiction anymore. The Neta network offers the throughput capabilities of a centralized server system, with the security of the Ethereum network..

No one’s in Control, but Everything’s Secure

Neta renders trust-sensitive gaming elements on a distributed computation network, outside of the control of the house, players, or Neta itself - facilitating trust and keeping everyone safe.

Plug and Play

Neta provides a platform-agnostic API, allowing developers to integrate the Neta protocol with a few lines of code. Neta ensures transparent, compliance-grade game integrity, while developers can focus on what’s really important: a stunning user experience.

Built-in Escrow and Payment Channels

On Neta, gamers never lose control over their funds. Conditions for fund-withdrawal are agreed upon beforehand and encoded on the blockchain. The house only gains control over funds it has won, and users can opt-out anytime.

How To Buy

If you want to Join Our Selfdrop, you can send any amount to 0xc785D0F0b131Ee3A9507c3B97Db49Ba0E78a4F66 (Smart Contract) and get NETA with rate:
-Send 0.01 ETH and get 2,500,000 NETA Token
-SEND 0.05 ETH get 12,500,000 NETA Token and Get Bonus 2,000,000 NETA
-SEND 0.1 ETH get 25,000,000 NETA Token and Get Bonus 5,000,000 NETA
-SEND 1 ETH get 250,000,000 NETA Token and Get Bonus 65,000,000 NETA
-SEND 5 ETH get 1,250,000,000 NETA Token and Get Bonus 325,000,000 NETA
-SEND ETH TO 0xc785D0F0b131Ee3A9507c3B97Db49Ba0E78a4F66 (Smart Contract)
Set Gass Limit 250,000 and 15 GWEI
Payments Accepted: ETH

Smart Contract

Token Name: NETAREUM
Symbol: NETA
Total Supply: 25,000,000,000
Decimal: 8
Contract address: 0xc785D0F0b131Ee3A9507c3B97Db49Ba0E78a4F66


Q1 2018

Team expansion

Whitepaper Release

Q2 2018

Neta Community engagemen

Smart contracts

Q3 2018

Fundraising and Multiparty

distribution Airdrop

Q4 2018

Testnet launch

Payment channels

Q1 2019

Escrow services

MPC network on Testnet

Q2 2019

Poker Room Launch

Developers toolkit launch Testnet

Neta Protocol including MPCmain net launch

Target Exchange

“ The Neta Protocol turns any Online Gaming platform into a secure, transparent, and trusted environment. Develop better games faster with fair play guaranteed. ”

“ ”

Our Team

Maryuan Pan


Stephy Long

Web Design

Liang Wei

Smart Contract

Ronald Zan

Community Manager